“SYMPHONY OF GEMS” Rock and Gem Show


Our next annual show will be Feb 6th and 7th. We are in the process of sending out contracts to all vendors who participated last year.

As the COVID rules stand right now social distancing and masks will be required. Social distancing may impact the number of vendors we will be able to accommodate. 

Vendors attend from around the state, some from out of state, providing a host of mineralogical delights. Come and enjoy:

Mineral specimens, Hand Craft Jewelry and Supplies, Fossils, Crystals, Lapidary Supplies, Geodes and On Site Geode Cracking.

So much eye candy it is hard to list everything.

The show also offers some fun events for the kids. Come try a sluice panning for polished stones and our spinning wheel where every spin wins.

Club members work hard to make the show a success.  Planning starts in June or July with a single meeting and grows into a two day show.  Members contribute their time to assist vendors to load and unload if needed, assist with set up  prior to vendors arrival, assist with advertising by placing signs in a variety of locations, handing out flyers to hotels and storefronts, and volunteer their time at the admissions and silent auction tables as needed.

Questions should be directed to the Show Chairman, Roz Mestre, 321-431-0159, and interested vendors may contact Dealer Chair, Erleen Estes, 321-514-8775.

Our next show is on February 6th and 7th, 2021